Lullabies from Theresienstadt at Holocaust Education Week
The Canadian Jewish News, November 2, 2018

HEW Program Pays Tribute to Vilna Poet, Resistance Fighter
The Canadian Jewish News, November 3, 2016


On Behalf of the Beth Tzedec Congregation, I would like to thank Deborah for her brilliant presentation of Molly Picon: The Life and Music of the Queen of Second Avenue, on November 15, 2016.

What a wonderful way to showcase the life of Molly Picon through theatrical performance and song to the delight of the audience. I noticed that the spectators had smiles on their faces, participated in the singing and enjoyed the show very much. Long after her act, I continued to receive very positive responses. Molly is a must-see! The Toronto Jewish community is very lucky to have Deborah. I am looking forward to having her again in the near future.
Zina Glassman, Senior Program Coordinator Beth Tzedec Synagogue, Toronto

The Chevra Group provided the Hamilton area with a wonderful entertainment on Sunday, October 30, 2016 by inviting Deborah Staiman with her pianist and violinist as she took us on a trip down Memory Lane. Her beautiful voice and expressive story presentation brought many smiles and a few tears as memories flooded back. Deborah brought Molly Picon and her music to life for all of us. Everyone loved the show. What a treat we shared that day. Deborah is a true talent in every respect
Bea Spiegel, November 2, 2016

Cantor Deborah Staiman and her team of musicians put on an excellent show at the Beth David Synagogue on September 25, 2016 for Club Chaverut. The audience was enchanted by her presentation. She took on the persona of Molly Picon and moved with great gusto around our stage illustrating the music and character of this great Yiddish songstress. Our audience appreciated the fact that while the songs were sung in Yiddish, Deborah's explanations for these songs were done deftly in English. By the end of the afternoon, we were not only entertained by the music but also enlightened about a piece of our Yiddish heritage.

It is our custom at Club Chaverut to rotate our entertainers every two years. Our audience reaction was so positive that I decided to engage Deborah as the kick-off program for our 2017 season. I look forward to her next presentation.
Lew Lightstone, November, 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed Deborah's recent, May 3, presentation in song of the life story of Molly Picon. Deborah's interpretation and performance from beginning to end was outstanding as she brought Picon to life. Deborah is extremely gifted. I feel honoured that I was included at this very special event. Everyone who was fortunate enough to be there felt the same as I did. The experience will remain with me.
Ann Shendroff, May 24, 2015

The audience at Friends of Yiddish on March 8, 2015 was enraptured by Deborah's stunning voice and emotion as she brought Molly Picon to life with her singing and story-telling, presented in both English and Yiddish. Everyone was totally immersed and emotionally moved by Deborah's beautiful singing and acting, for which she received a well-deserved standing ovation.
This rare performance is a must-see! Deborah is someone we should treasure in our Toronto community.
Miriam Beckerman, March 11, 2015

The legacy of Molly Picon is in capable hands. Staiman, an inspired singer... her well-timed delivery, assisted by a piano and violin combo, delighted the audience and caused many sing-alongs in the process. It was surely one of the best offerings the Friends of Yiddish have ever presented. No Jewish organization should deprive its members of Deborah Staiman's superb talents. Heartily recommended.
Leonard Vis, March 15, 2015

We recently had the privilege of enjoying Deborah on March 8 in her brilliant performance, showcasing the Life and Times of Molly Picon. Deborah sang with sincere she beautifully reached those highest of notes. Her large audience thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment, as judged by their standing ovation.
Shirley and Fred Nelson, March 15, 2015


HEW Program Pays Tribute to Vilna Poet, Resistance Fighter
The Canadian Jewish News, November 3, 2016

On Saturday evening, November 5, 2016 National Council of Jewish Women Canada Toronto was privileged to host an incredible evening of song as part of Holocaust Education Week. Cantor Deborah Staiman, creator of the program, recounted life in the Vilna ghetto as she masterfully intertwined songs and historical narrative.

Cantor Staiman's beautiful, stirring voice conveyed a myriad of emotions, often bringing people to tears. She sang with such passion and soulfulness; her facial expressions, dramatic pauses and powerful storytelling drawing in the audience throughout. Staiman's choice of piano and violin accompaniment was perfect - only enhancing the haunting, yet toe-tapping experience, The audience was totally engrossed. So gripping.

Thank you Cantor Deborah Staiman for creating this excellent, highly educational, meaningful, thought-provoking, extremely moving and inspirational program. For those of us who were fortunate enough to attend, its emotional impact will remain with us for a long time.
Florene Moscovitz, Representative for NCJWCToronto, November 14, 2016

Musical Memories of the Vilna Ghetto was poignant, educational and masterful.
M. Greenberg, November 6, 2016

Cantor Deborah Staiman's Musical Memories of the Vilna Ghetto is powerful. With gripping stories passionately sung and dramatically recounted, Deborah transported the audience into the tragedy, courage, and creativity of a lost community. A rich experience.
Rev. John Duyck, chaplain, Christie Gardens, November 11, 2016

Although I am not Jewish, I was touched, moved and inspired by Deborah Staiman's outstanding presentation at Christie Gardens on November 9. I learned so much about the Vilna ghetto from the well-researched and written narration and the excellent program notes. Staiman's choice of violin and piano was the perfect accompaniment for her beautiful voice. A most memorable concert!
Frances Roach, November 10, 2016


I attended Deborah Staiman's program From Despair to Hope: Aftermath and Rebirth during Toronto's Holocaust Education Week 2015. I was the liaison from HEW and am coincidentally a member of Friends of Yiddish of Toronto.

Deborah's program was excellent. She compiled many Yiddish responses to the Holocaust which had been put to music. She sang the poems and other responses with passion and provided commentary as she went through the music. I felt it was a marvelous program. It was an emotional program which was well received by the audience. It certainly would be appropriate for any future Holocaust Education or memorial programs.
Frances Roach, November 10, 2016


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